Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Lady Paleos," or "Fangirls in Polka-dots"

So the New York Magazine's Grub Street just published an article documenting the "Rise of the Lady Paleos". Since you were wondering, ladies, the new Paleo lady (not women: we're ladies) is perky, dresses in polka dots, and likes to make paleo banana porridge. (Seriously, polka-dots; even our fashion sense is pre-historic) See, men like it because they can be manly cavemen and eat steaks, but we're attracted to it because it makes us thin, and you know how us ladies love diets! 

The history of the Paleo diet? Well, Loren Cordain started it, and then Robb Wolf wrote a book about it, and then after that, the women just couldn't resist it. Since we're Robb Wolf fan girls, you see. It's not as though we think on our own, like autonomous, intelligent, full-grown human beings, or anything like that. 

Further undermining their credibility is the fact that they're all "sporty, healthy [and] attractive". I know, clearly they just got healthy to sell books! It has nothing to do with the fact that what they've been doing might work. Sheesh. 

Now, all these ladies have books coming out! Not that it makes them credible or anything like that, cause they're just ladies cooking like ladies, and science confuses them. Paleo works, these ladies claim. "How? Well ... they're not exactly sure. "I'm not a nutritionist, and I'm not a scientist," [Diane] Walker says." Gosh, the fact that she can't explain evolutionary history, the H. sapiens digestive system, and autoimmunity in a single sound bite really does punch holes in this already dubious fad diet. 

I would have an opinion on this, but since I'm a lady Paleo, I'll just have to wait for one of our beloved (male) leaders to figure it out for me. 

Link, here, ladies (you have to click on it to's science. SO CONFUSING): The Rise of the Lady Paleos

I've got to run--I have some banana porridge to cook up! 

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